A different kind of service. I market to the marketer!

Joanne O'Connell – Specialist, Marketing Evaluation
Owner, oconnellenterprises.ca

Ensures you have the numbers you need, in the right order, to assess your marketing. Works with Google Analytics and social media platform analytics to identify leads and outcomes along the sales path.

30+ years working hands-on with many kinds of clients:
• B2B
• B2C
• Government and private sector
• Large and small businesses

Free Introductory Workshop offered Mondays, Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 15. 5:30 - 6:30 pm in Salmon Arm at the Innovation Centre. No registration needed. Call Joanne at 250-253-4823 if you need more details.

Practical analysis and interpretation of analytics, measures, metrics and market research
• Is your marketing the best for you?
• Do you know?
• How do you know?
• Do you get "numbers" back from your marketing?
• Do you know what they mean?
• Do you trust them?
• Could you do better?

My Process

Speak with you about what you want your marketing to accomplish with your customers. This will tie in with any marketing strategy you have already adopted or are thinking of adopting

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The Numbers

Develop a Framework for ensuring you will have the numbers you need, in the right order, and then either retrieve the numbers or work with your marketing team to retrieve them. The point of this is so we can track lines from your marketing to what you want from your customers (usually to sell something)

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Team Support

Work with your Marketing team (if you have one) to strengthen their skills and contribution

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Analysis & Reports

Analyze and report the numbers in an informative way. By using the Framework, you know better which parts of your marketing to strengthen or possibly to drop. Helps you to wade through the overwhelming pieces of advice on the Internet

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Learn about the experience, interest, skills and deliverables which Joanne can bring to you.

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