Where there is a marketing team, they will grow in their jobs

Team Support

Most clients will have a marketing team. Size, skill levels and specialties may vary.

Teams who are with the company when I begin my work usually help me and I help them. They help me when I need to understand the company numbers, they explain why things were done in a certain way, and they feed me back ideas about how the reports can best help them.

My goal is always to support the team and help them grow in their jobs, by doing the following – always according to the needs and wishes of the organization,


      • On the framework, which may be new to some,

      • On specialities,

      • On platforms new to them,

      • On how to work with data,

      • On keeping up to date.

Checking their work – identifying slip-ups in linking to data sources (it happens!)

Matching the numbers to marketing strategies

Sourcing quality resources

Learning how to create custom/one-time reports