About my focus


My career has centered around market research of many kinds.

I used to focus on market research and surveys, plus gathering secondary information. Sometimes, I still do that kind of work if clients need it.

More recently, I have transitioned to working with marketing evaluation frameworks. That's my main focus in reaching out now.

The O'Connell Enterprises Deliverables Ladder

1. Audit of current marketing data and/or creation of a framework to support marketing planning

2. Population of the framework with numbers from marketing activities or platforms and company records

3. Consulting on implications of the framework data for changes to marketing

4. Other services as needed for unique situations

Work history


• O'Connell Enterprises (owner), metrics and market research

• ECO Canada, special projects in labour force data and market research

Large companies

• Leger Marketing, Vice president, Calgary office, varied market research services

• GPC International, senior counsel, government and public relations

• FWJ Advertising and Public Relations, market research manager


• Sessional instruction to academic schools, market research and metrics, across 20 years

• University of Calgary, assistant professor, research into social work topics

Assurance of Service – for New Clients

New clients need assurance that are they contracting to a safe service which carries low risk and will benefit them

My policy is usually to work with new clients in this order

1. Meet to understand their primary marketing objectives and needs

2. Once that is understood, I create a proposal for a 6-month (or less) relationship at a fixed rate

3. When the proposal is reviewed, revised if needed and accepted, I complete the 6-month assignment

4. Towards the end of the 6-month term, we discuss the terms of contract renewal. They may differ from the initial 6-month assignment

The maximum initial commitment therefore is to 6 months at costs which are agreed upon in advance.

In the 6-months, clients will need to provide me with access codes to Google Analytics and other platforms relevant to the analysis. They may or may not wish to divulge financial numbers which does limit the analysis to a degree.