What did we find out and what does it all mean?

Data reports

Clients will receive reports showing the numbers.

Some client companies like Excel or other spreadsheet programs, because their staff know how to use them and because they (staff) can create custom reports themselves.

Others prefer more high-impact visuals such as Google Data Studio (Re-named as Looker Studio).

I can adapt to either.


The form of the framework will dictate how much analysis is needed, and the numbers we have been able to source will dictate how much analysis can be done.


      • We can compare one level of the framework to another

      • We can compare one reporting period to another (eg. Month to Month, Year over Year)

      • We can source competitor data (at least some) and compare it to your business

I usually track over at least six months for starters, to see where you are trending.


I am a marketing evaluation specialist and not a front-line marketing specialist. I would not normally make specific marketing recommendations.

What I can and would do is show you where the numbers in your framework seem to be lower than they could be, or where they seem to be thriving. I tell you where to begin to improve the results.