About my way of working with Clients

My Process

I meet people. We talk until I understand the best starting point and services package for them.

I sometimes work with subcontractors and sometimes produce it all myself. It depends on the situation. I have colleagues who produce many kinds of marketing reports. I keep the overview and direction in my hands.

I prefer working intensively with a few clients to working on the surface with many.

Creativity and effectiveness matter.

I respect your confidentiality. Trust builds over time.

What matters to you? How can the information I provide to you help you strengthen? I need to know what matters.

I am a hands-on contractor/consultant.

About my scope of practice

The frameworks can address all aspects of marketing – digital and traditional, intentional and happenstance.

I focus on SMEs (Small to Medium enterprises) in the growing Okanagan and the Shuswap areas.